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Facebook is my most interactive platform - the place where I post general musings of the day, or week, or... whenever they happen to occur. Because Facebook requires a login to browse my page [], I wanted to place a few posts on New Flight Books for anyone who doesn't have or does not want to establish a Facebook account. These are without the accompanying narrative found on Facebook. This page is updated from time to time with new photos. Please feel free to pin any of these to Pinterest, or share with friends. These images are useful in reinforcing a message or to use as entertaining, inspiring fillers in print matter. To reprint (digital or print) for your non-profit or educational use, please just provide credit as: "(C) - date - Lisa Bracken"- Please contact me for permission to use in commercial publications of for other commercial purposes. Thanks! Lisa ~ Last Update: 03.24.18

The Pea. The Cylinder. The Vacuum.  by Lisa Bracken
De-cell-erate by Lisa Bracken