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Lisa Bracken - Preview of Personal and Professional Storyboard Profile - 2018

Lisa Bracken - Personal Profile Storyboard - Topic Index to Relevant Slides/Pages of Interest

1-9       Introduction: Early experiences in art, writing and the affirming potential of self and life, as I saw it - “So Began A  Quest… 1967 – The Summer Of Love”

10-23  Writing and Publishing: Titles, reviews, excerpts - “To The Pen And Wind Beneath It”

             61-64 Podcast interview companion piece – “In-Depth Perception”

34-55  Art and Design: Fine art, photography, design, textile, jewelry - “To Imagination Unbound”

            55  Perspective piece - “What Creativity Looks Like”

            56-64  Professional graphic design, photography, layout – “To Stable Foundations”

56-65  Communication and Creative Consulting - "To Stable Foundations And Singular Vertical Balance"

Business and non-profit development, branding, marketing, advertising, outreach, promotion, graphic design and layout, photography and photo-editing, narrative and editorial, sponsored content, collateral, social media, producer and host of radio/podcast program: 'In-depth Perception' with editorial and featured guests (archived on this website here)...

66-71  Teaching – “To Fated Launch And Inspired Sail”

Accredited marketing and over fifty workshops and seminars devoted to business and non-profit development, professional communication, independent publishing, art, creative writing, photography, journaling and collage, nutrition and wellness, and more…

            55  Perspective on creativity - “What Creativity Looks Like”

            94-97  Sustainable energy program - “Sustainability Field Tour And Student-Led Discussion”

            99  Lifestyle - “My Future” series

The full scope of this Profile reflects experiences and content incorporated in ten years of course development and facilitation...

72-98  Sustainability Advocacy - “To Finding Self And Belonging Within The Larger Given Order”

            112 Sustainable Society - “How To Community”

            100-112 Sustainable Personal Wellness: Lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, health, personal care - “To Natural Vitality”

114-117  “Our World Through My Eyes”----------------


Lisa Bracken - Personal Profile Storyboard

Professionals have resumes. Educators, curriculum vitae. Performers, demos. Artists, portfolios.

Like many of us, I'm a composite. In my case, all of the above and then some. Creating a pictorial profile in a storyboard format provided an entertaining way to communicate a relatively distilled essence.

The full version, in PDF format, is available here: Lisa Bracken Storyboard Profile 

Below is a preview, and below that is a topical page index for easier navigation. 

Lisa Bracken - Storyboard Profile