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Please feel free to use the following image of the Community Garden and Pantry Swap n Share to create your own event!

The "Community Garden and Pantry Swap n Share" is a concept that grew from the every-day, but now amplified 'post-Covid-19' challenges facing our communities around the world.

It's not a sanctioned event. There is no non-profit coordinator nor sponsors ready to chip in to put one on, make anyone adhere to certain protocols, or pick up the slack in the form of an organized, insured, widely promoted (etc.) event with any kind of budget. It is just a described-by-name concept taking root where it may be of benefit to communities. Holding such an event is your own affair if you wish to have one. The image below is simply a poster I created to share with folks wanting to put one together for their own hometowns. Make your own, use this one - as you wish.

Here's to community helping community!

Please note, this image is only free to use for grassroots community benefit... and, thanks for being a part of the world's 'together we're better' solutions!

The first image is 6.5 x 6.5 physical size (perfect for a Facebook upload), and about 150 resolution, so you could scale it up a bit if you wanted to and it would still be clear onscreen.

The second is an 8.5 x 11 300 resolution suitable for printing.

Right click on the image, select 'Copy' / then right click 'Paste' to your desktop - done.