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CURRENT SCHEDULE OF FREE DIGITAL TITLE DOWNLOADS - Direct-to-Amazon links found on Titles Page

September 4th through September 7th 2018: ALL TITLES, including the rarely offered and highly coveted individual chapters of "Evolved Negotiations"

October 20, 2018: ALL MAIN TITLES: "Hardrock"; "Evolved Negotiations"; "The Path"; "Circles in the Sand"; and, "The Gift of Everlasting Cheer"

December, 2018: “Hardrock” December 21, 25, 26 / “Evolved Negotiations” December 21 / “Gift of Everlasting Cheer” December 10, 21, 25 / “The Path” December 21, 25, 26 / “Circles in the Sand” December 21, 25, 26

January, 2018: “Hardrock” January  2, 6 / “Evolved Negotiations” January 2, 3, 4, 5 / “The Path” January 20, 23 / “Circles in the Sand” January 13, 16

March, 2019: "Circles in the Sand" 20, 21 - Happy Vernal Equinox!

June, 2019: ALL MAIN TITLES! Including: "Hardrock - Crazy Jake's Fish Bomb" / "Evolved Negotiations" / "The Path" / "Circles in the Sand" / "The Gift of Everlasting Cheer" -- 21st and 22nd - Happy Summer!

March, 2020: ALL MAIN TITLES! Including: "Hardrock - Crazy Jake's Fish Bomb" / "Evolved Negotiations" / "The Path" / "Circles in the Sand" / "The Gift of Everlasting Cheer" -- 28th Sat and 29th Sun - Happy Reading!

June, 2020: ALL MAIN TITLES! Including: "Hardrock - Crazy Jake's Fish Bomb" / "You And What Army..." (excluding chapter excerpts, each one offered sperately) / "The Path" / "Circles in the Sand" / and "...Everlasting Cheer" - Sat, June 27 and Sun, June 28 - Enjoy!

January, 2021: "Hardrock - Crazy Jake's Fish Bomb" -- Tuesday, January 12th AND Saturday, January 16th. You know, little things become more important when the big things become too big to phathom let alone control. Laughter becomes more important when it feels impossible to smile anymore. Hold tight to your sense of humor. Maybe your friends in the tiny community of Hardrock can help. Come hang out there for a while. Forget all the big and scary stuff for a while. Just take a breather, you're always welcome, there - and you're welcome with a smile.

February, 2021: "The Path" (philosophy / personal growth and transformation) -- Friday, February 26 / Saturday, February 27 / and Sunday, February 28th. Now is the time for additional insight. A deeper and decidedly different perspective.