New Flight Books is an indi-publisher of books designed, written and published by (myself) Lisa Bracken - a long-time Colorado resident. Collectively, I've been writing professionally in fiction; philosophy, poetry, business, (development, marketing, negotiations, communication, tutorials), and law (alternative dispute resolution and case communication and design) for thirty years.

As an adjunct instructor for our four-year, eleven-campus university, Colorado Mountain College, for the past decade I've taught courses in the same subjects as well as others, including: creative writing and journaling, publishing, fine art, graphic art, illustration and design, photography, birding and health and lifestyle. I've long worked with workshop and seminar participants via community education programs facilitated by non-profits, municipalities and libraries.

I embrace evolving technologies and attendance venues which better enable and integrate creative expression and reader engagement - including the preservation of printed books and actual places to gather - be they bricks and mortar or open-air. I was an enthusiastic pioneer of early web design, and - a scant few years later - print-on-demand and social sharing platforms.

Involvement, education, advocacy and outreach are very important aspects of my development as an artist and human being. I believe strongly in the ability of every individual to positively contribute to and help shape the world we share. For the past fifteen years I have strongly advocated on behalf of environmental and social justice. That has necessarily involved a great deal of international media and public policy work, including a number of independent documentary film productions, field tours and panel/community addresses. I expect the next ten will embrace the best of all that and more - including the championing of all-around healthy lifestyles with an emphasis on sustainability, nutrition, fitness and holistic wellness.

To me, the best we each have to offer reflects creating and introducing ideas and materials, through our favored means, which more greatly inspire and empower others. For me, this means humbly sharing my life experiences as well as fun and entertaining tales through books, art and get-togethers.

I'm available for speaking engagements, keynote addresses, break-out sessions, seminars, panel addresses and other appearances.  My aesthetic via thousands of collected images relative to inspirations, lifestyle and wearable art and style, is evident in my Pinterest Profile; and, my most recent musings can be found on Facebook (Lisa.Bracken.)...

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The little bumble bee associated with the New Flight Books logo was found and photographed in our small family garden. It represents, in finest form, the grand possibilities of independent and even improbable launch, journey and destinations yet to be discovered. Every ten years or so, I compel myself to a decadian shift, seeking the challenges and opportunities of all new adventures. Here's to new flights shared as well as those all our own!


A library is an intellectual garden. It represents the spacious flowering of diverse thought and open access to the potential of selected, guiding wisdoms - seeding and sprouting our own inspired growth and diverse contribution to the collective conscience of all of life. I am blessed to have inherited a vast repository of evolving insights contributed by a family as diverse as the books it has collected, tended and shared. The two books highlighted above were recently borrowed from their shelves to further inform my research via perspectives of an earlier and differently politicized era.

The highlighted books are Rodale's 1961, The Complete Book of Food and Nutrition and Beatrice Trum Hunter's Consumer Beware - Your food And What's Been Done To It.

The eldest title in the collection is Allbutt's 1899, System of Medicine.


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Member of The New Hope Nutrition Network, Idealist, and The Aspen Institute 

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